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Tokyo 2048 Roller Coaster

1.29 usd

Tokyo 2048 Roller CoasterTake a tour to an incredible place. Experience an awesome 3D experience - a virtual reality journey.
Put your 3D Stereo Glasses and relax while you ride a futuristic city like Blade Runner City. Made with Unity 3D Engine with a lot of special efffects: glares,shaders,lights,3D Sound and the list goes on...
Important!!!This application is optimized for latest Android devices (Samsung S7,Mii,Motorola) and it is designed for Mobile Virtual Reality 3D Stereo headsets like Cmoar or Google Cardboard.
If you feel sick or have any nausea, stop the application immediately.
Please, don’t forget to rate and leave a comment whether you liked the ride! We would appreciate.
PS: This app does NOT have a fixed camera position. If you are having issues looking up and down, left or right...please try to disable auto rotate functionality from your device. You can explore the scenario in 360 degrees.